16 winning streak on Adc

Bang-natic, Bang-zumma, Bang-ddicts.. Winning 16 games in a row? What? He won 16 consecutive games? Wow, really? Why is so good lol Is he having his time of his life? In a solo rank game, he’s like Bang from 2015.

What are you guys doing! (Huni) What are you doing, Blitz! Why are you such an idiot! Is someone here? Ouch! Hey!

(Huni) Wut wut wut!! That was really not it. By the way, what is this?

Did I go for Health regeneration Rune? Look at my HP going up! I was AAd twice and got hit by Q from Caitlyn. I got AAd twice and..no I won’t talk to him.

Ah, look at Bard’s positioning. Curry for lunch. and rice. Curry and white rice.

For dinner, seasoned tofu. Seasoned cutlassfish. Sausage. And a glass of milk. Oh, they became level 2! Hey Huni!

(Huni) Huh? Mid lane should watch out~ Mid lane seems really adequate for a gank. Oh, what? I told you to be careful! What did you do?

I did tell you yo watch out Huni! Wow, but why is Blitz so good? Did she level E?

She did. Will he grab? Nice, burnt Flash~ Okay~ When will his grab be back on? He seems to have just adequate mana for his E. She’s planting traps, traps.

Ah, Graves is here. Run away~ Why don’t you just grab him? What?

If you did grab him.. It could have been great.. Okay, Heal is available. I have Heal but I don’t have E lol What are you talking about? What is that? Erase the wave.

I don’t remember seeing that. If we do grab, the enemy Bot duo are stuck in the waves so.. they can’t come for us anyway so it doesn’t matter. Hey, Bard is on his way! Bard is going there! Aww, close.

When did I do a serious face lol I told you that Bard was on his way! Bard was seen at Mid lane.. I..I didn’t do a serious face but..I am a shy person. That’s why. I mean.. That person suddenly started to talk easy on me..that..

If a lady calls you “Hey, Bang” all of a sudden, could you reply right away, “Yes, sister.”? Wow, what’s up with his damage! Oh, what?

Why did I stop? Kumanbo! Why is she so good? Hey, Bard here.

Bard behind you X2 He really seems excited. Huni, you know that? I’m a better Lucian player than you. What? As he responded so cool, I feel as if I lost.

lol I feel as if I lost, since he is being so cool about it lol Ah, this is not it~ She’s planting traps near me. Sidestep the traps~ I only had to AA once more. Do I have to use my Flash?

I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s necessary. Now I have to.

Akali chatted “What is Blitz doing!” lol I really want to take this wave. Ah, this was really not it. That was quite a throw.

Will Bard and Caitlyn come for me? Blitz won’t be here for me. I’ll just leave the waves behind. Oh, I can see Bard. Okay!

Why is Bard so..Bard is recalling just now? Wait, we don’t have Ignite but might be able to kill her in a combo when our CC is changed right. I’ll go for her.

Bard isn’t here. Ah, close! Ah..do I have to recall now? I can’t see Bard but he has to come for Bot lane. When they are in a angle for a grab..I can see Bard here! Hey, TF has his ult, right?

I don’t do Instagram. You’re okay? Bard just started to go up there. Coming for me! X4 Oh, what?

Hey! I’m really dead. Back off!

Leave me behind, I’m already dead! Why didn’t you leave me behind? I mean, it was a two on two in Mid lane with Sejuani using her TP.

Why is Graves at Bot lane! What are you guys doing? Ah, Mid lane..

Mid and JG of our team are a bit.. They aren’t doing right! Look at their KDA! Okay, KuManBo, I’ll mute him.

First of all, it’s really not ADC difference. (Huni) I made a solo kill at Mid lane. Ah but I..think Akali can carry the game. Okay!

Nice roaming from Blitz! Bard on roam as well~ I can see Graves and Bot lane is 1 on 1 now. Wow, this is how she won 17 consecutive games, I mean 16. Sidestepping my E by moving forward, huh?

I mean, will this friend be okay when my E is back on? She doesn’t have her E! She doesn’t have her E, no net! I won’t step on the trap!

X2 Even when you place two traps, I won’t step on it. I’m unlike the ADC you met before, wait a sec.. Will she die if I use Heal? She doesn’t have Heal~ Her Heal is burnt~ Headshot?

Will that kill me instantly? Can’t I go for her? (Huni) Why won’t you? Can’t we make a play? Wow! Hey, is it TF’s Ult?

It is! Just back off then. Then I’ll just push one more wave. (Huni) Blitz can grab him, bro!

Got it. Will this work? I don’t think so. Hey, Huni, we have to retreat well. TF ultimate might be on by now, right? (Huni) Yup.

Nice! She won’t die! Oh.. She just dies on the first turret hit.. Wow, what should we do?

What’s the problem? But if you and I grow fine, we’ll win no matter what. Hey, this really seems like a good situation for us.

Oh, but we don’t have TP. You have to be careful to not get cut. Bard recalled.

He might go for Mid after his recall. I have to take the Bot wave, Huni. TF still has his ultimate. Oh, can he grab her?

When will your grab be back on? How many sec? Is it impossible to grab that? It’s TP.. What is this?

(Huni) Just leave me behind. I’d love to do that if it’s possible. If it ends like this, this ain’t so bad.

It’s an answerless situation since I don’t know whether the enemy has TP or not..TF ultimate still on, right? Won’t I get dived if he does? First of all, we did destroy Top turret. Where will Graves be? Graves.

Okay, but I won’t be able to defend this anyway. Graves Top. Oh~~ I should wait for Nidalee. Is it okay for me to push one more wave? Oh I can see Bard.

Wait, TF wouldn’t come for Bot lane, right? By the way, Caitlyn can go there. Ah, but when he does, TP on the back!

Never mind. Ohoh! I’m really scared of TF’s ult.. It’s a nerfed Ninja Tabi.. I don’t have a translator in my stream.

Caitlyn will be there~ Hey, you’re alright, right Huni? Huni. I’m not there. Leave her, just leave her behind! I can’t back you guys up, it’s 4 on 5! Ah, please don’t die Huni.

I beg you. (Huni) Ah, really just FF. Heeey! Arg!!! Ah TT What should I do TT Oh, I still have a chance. But she won’t die for a skill Wow, it was really close.

In my opinion, Huni! TF knows how to play as well. What do you think about that? I feel like being falsely accused. I’m innocent.

I am innocent. Get him~ Get him! We can’t~ Uh, this really looks bad.. Huni, will we win when we open up a teamfight? I’ll go for Mid lane from now on, Huni. You can win against TF, right?

(Huni) I think someone’s near him. TF has his ultimate, right? I just can’t go forward lul What’s the problem, why can’t I step forward.. What is this, where’s the difference.. Is TF just a good champion? Ah, ultimate from TF~! Sejuani from Top, no he’s using TP right now.

I mean, Huni! What should I do with TF TT (Huni) Is this my fault? I’m not sure. TF is 8/2/7 now. Huni, the most innocent people in this game are Bot duo.

Oh! Will you make a play? I mean, Sejuani is really tanky right now, what should I do, Huni? I don’t think we can get him right now.

Alright there? I’m on my way.. Do you have your Flash? Okay! I’m on my way!

TF! Target TF first! Huni I have Heal, oh..

Please, let me not get stunned. Just not the stun. What should I do with her? They’re going for Baron. If I can’t stop them taking Baron, let’s surrender.

They didn’t go? They haven’t. Should I ff? Should I go for surrender? What do you think?

(Huni) Do is as you like~! I’ll die if TF uses his ultimate here. Wow~ A sad prediction never misses. No way~~ Can we stop them?

Oh, that was close. But I really think that this can be a good fight for us. This really seems great.

Hey, Sejuani’s coming. It won’t work anymore! X3 Inducing them to go for Baron~ We really have to stop them taking Baron, Huni. If we don’t, it’s over.

Okay, landing a spear to Bard~ She does have Smite. Ah.. Let’s go Huni. A magical game. How can everyone playing this game get mad? lul Such an amusing game!

Game is for fun but when they play LoL they all get pissed off lul But, Huni! To be honest, when we are to look for the cause for our loss, the most likely candidate can be the Jungle. But I don’t think that you can be proud of your plays lul